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Service is the greatest of all virtues for humanity

Economical Contribution to the Nation

Ho-Am's philosophy in management is "Economical contribution to the nation." This means, it's a duty of a business to provide a service for the nation, people and mankind. Byung-chull Lee firmly believed that a corporation must have root at the nation, and thus, must do what it can in contributing to the nation. Therefore, Samsung co. has always put the priority in national interests and peoples' welfare.

Priority to Human Resources

The spirit of "Priority to human resources" is to respect human rights and to encourage each individuals to show their utmost abilities, which would be a driving force to the society. Byung-chull Lee has always stressed that "a corporation is similar to a human being." This means, an excellent idea or a philosophy of management must be supported and put into an actual practice by people. This is the reason why Byung-chull Lee emphasized so much on opening the offices to the talented people.

Pursuit of Rationality

The pursuit of rationality is the fundamental idea of the 'economical contribution to the nation,' and 'priority to human resources.' Rationality is considered very important, in a sense that unless it is rooted at the management, the whole idea of contributing to the nation or opening the offices to the talented might never be put into the actual practice.

  • Ho-Am leading a vice-ministers’ delegation to the U.S
  • Talking with new employees
  • Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee's calligraphy, "Persuit of Rationality"