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Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee's great grandfather built a traditional Korean compound himself on 1,907㎡ of land in 1851. This is where Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee was born, grew up and lived until moving out upon marriage. The birthplace is a straight, graceful traditional building on flat land and facing the southwest. Successive additions and remodelings over the decades produced today's highly sophisticated and elegant structure.

The compound is composed of a main gate and gatehouse, the men's quarters, the women's quarters, and a storeroom. The entire compound is surrounded by a refined traditional wall composed of earth, stone and a tiled top. The surrounding trees and woods add a wonderfully natural scenic air to the setting. The site is a highly auspicious one in terms of geomantic principles that consider the flow of energy from the surrounding hills and the slowly flowing Nam River.


From Seoul, Daejeon, Sancheong : Daejin Expressway - Danseong I.C. - National Route 20 - Uiryeong - Jeonggok
From Daegu : Jungbu Expressway - Hyeonpung I.C. - National Route 67 - Guji, Ibang - National Ruote 20 - Jeonggok
From Busan, Masan : Namhae Expressway to Haman I.C. - Local Route 1011 - Baekgok-gyo - Jeonggok
From Namhae, Jinju : Namhae Expressway to Gunbuk I.C. - National Route 79 - Local Route 20 - Yongdoek - Jeonggok

22-4 Hoam-gil Junggok-myeon, Uiryeong County, South Gyeonhsang Province
Opening Hours
10am – 5pm
Closed every Monday, New Year's and Chuseok holidays