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Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee profile

Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee 1910~1987 Founder of Samsung

"Perhaps the greatest happiness in the world comes from realizing one's purpose in life. I have been fortunate enough to dedicate my entire life to business and resolutely dedicate my efforts to patriotic entrepreneurial endeavors." - from My Managerial Philosophy, Nov. 1976

Ho-Am Byung-chull Lee was born in Uiryeong County, South Gyeongsang Province, in 1910. He began his illustrious business career with his founding of the Samsung Trading Company in Daegu, 1938 and went on to make a major contribution to national economic growth through the successive founding of a large number of additional businesses, including Samsung Electronics. He founded and served as first chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries in 1961.

In 1965, He established the Samsung Culture Foundation to promote a broad range of programs to enrich Korean cultural life. In 1980, He forged into the world of semiconductors, thereby establishing a solid foundation for development of advanced industries in Korea.

As a pioneer of modern entrepreneurship and as a beacon of national economic development, the late Chairman Lee continues to influence Korean economic growth even today. He has left a legacy through his steadfast adherence to such philosophical principles as patriotic industrial service, human resources development, and rationalization of operations, and he has bequeathed to society major lessons through his managerial prowess in many business fields and through adherence to actualization of his philosophies.


Jisu Elementary School
Jung-dong Middle School
Waseda University, Japan
Honorary Doctor, Business Economics, Boston University, USA

Major Career

Major Career
1961 ~ 1987 Chairman, Samsung Corporation
1987 Established Samsung Data Systems
Opened Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
1985 Established Samsung Medical Equipment Co.
1982 Founded Samsung Lions(Professional Baseball Team)
Opened Ho-Am Art Gallery
Opened Samsung Training Center
1978 Established Samsung Semiconductor
1977 Created Samsung Ship building
Established Samsung Precision Co.
1976 Grand Opening of Yong-in Farm Land
1975 Filial piety on the revised
1974 Established Samsung Petrochemical
Incorporated Samsung Heavy Industries
1973 Founded Cheil Communication, Hotel Shilla and Samsung Corning
1972 Established Cheil Wool Textile
1969 Founded Samsung Electronics
Major Career
1968 Inaugurated as the Chairman of Joong-Ang Ilbo
1967 Established Saehan Paper Co.
1966 Founded Joong-Ang Development and
Koryeo Hospital
1965 Established Samsung Culture Foundation and Joong-Ang Ilbo, Inaugurated as the Director of Sungkyunkwan University
1964 Established Korea Samsung Scholarship
1963 Established TBC TV and Radio in Seoul Absorbed Oriental Life Insurance and Shinsegae Dept. Store
1961 Organized The Federation of Enterprisers
Appointed as the First Chairman of the Federation
1958 Acquired Ankuk Fire & Marine Insurance
1954 Founded Cheil Textiles
1953 Founded Cheil Sugar Co.
1951 Founded Samsung Corporation
1938 Founded Samsung Trading Company

Major Awards

Medal of Golden Tower Industry
Award for the World's Best Enterpriser
Posthumous Honors of National Mugunghwa
Posthumous Honor of Hunil Deungseo
National Order
(Presented by the Japanese Government)


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