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2022 Laureates

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  • Engineering
  • Andrew B. Kahng
    Professor, UC San Diego, USA
  • Education & Work Experience
    1963 Born in San Diego, CA, USA 1984 A.B., Applied Mathematics, Harvard College, USA 1989 Ph.D., Computer Science, UC San Diego, USA 1989~2000  Professor, UCLA, USA 1995~1997 Visiting Scientist, Cadence Design Systems, USA 2001~ Professor, UC San Diego, USA


Dr. Andrew Kahng is world-renowned for his contributions to design automation methods for implementing complex integrated-circuit systems in semiconductors. As the complexity of semiconductor systems increases, the “physical design” task of optimizing, arranging and interconnecting billions of components in a single chip has become a huge challenge for the semiconductor industry. The quality of the physical design determines the ultimate performance and energy efficiency of the semiconductor product.

Dr. Kahng developed integrated-circuit physical design methods which maximize the system performance achieved using the most advanced semiconductor technologies. These methods address the fundamental challenges of placement, routing, and optimization of timing and power. His design automation algorithms have been incorporated by major semiconductor circuit design tool companies, and are standard methods used by semiconductor companies, design firms, universities, and research laboratories around the world.

As the size of semiconductor circuit components becomes smaller, it becomes more difficult to produce nanometer-sized semiconductor devices and wiring reliably and uniformly. He pioneered many foundations of a new methodology called Design for Manufacturability(DFM) for semiconductor products. DFM methods minimize the manufacturing cost and design efforts for complex chips, while maintaining the required performance and energy efficiency. The theory and methods of DFM have played a leading role in changing the practice of circuit design. For nearly two decades, Dr. Kahng has played a key role in the creation of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, setting out future directions for semiconductor and design technology research worldwide. The world is changing rapidly with digital innovation, and the semiconductor industry will continue to play a pivotal role. By extending the reach of semiconductor technology into our everyday lives, his innovative circuit design optimization algorithms and methodologies are expected to continue to contribute to human development.